Foundations First

It has been proven that approximately 25%-30% of a home's heat loss can be attributed to an uninsulated basement or foundation.  And while some of you reading this are from warmer climates and others may not have foundations, the same benefits would apply to slab on grade or above grade construction.  My whole point is to start with the basics and at a minimum insulate your basement foundation.  "Can Insulating Concrete Forms (ICF) be used above grade?" Absolutely, but let's start with the foundation first! Historically, the basement has been relegated to storage, laundry room, and some oth...

The Value of Basement Insulation in Cold Climates

R-ETRO Button1
Kevin Spaulding walks you through why adding basement insulation in colder climates is one of the most cost effective improvements you can make to your home. Kevin has been successfully selling the R-ETRO System since its release earlier this year and will tell you that even adding a modest layer of insulation to basement walls will result in an incredible reduction in heat lost through un-insulated concrete walls. With the R-ETRO System adding R-18 to existing wall surfaces, the results are felt immediately, both in less fuel used and in more heat within the home. Read The Value of Base...

A Full Basement Ready to Pour in a Day! Are you kidding?

ICF Basement
The experienced crew on this Quad-Lock ICF project finished the formwork for a full basement and garage in one day. The concrete was successfully poured the next morning in a few hours. The metal track was attached to the footing the previous day in a few hours. Though barely visible in this time-lapse, corner brackets and rebar were installed. Note that inexperienced crews will take longer for the first few projects but usually achieve 'experienced' speed after just two projects. Special Thanks to Northern Shores Enterprises (Quad-Lock Distributor in Michigan) for their contributio...

A Better Way to Build Basements

A plumb, straight, square, and level (PSSL) foundation is key to any building project and is particularly important when you’re going to place a modular home on top. Quad-Lock Insulating Concrete Forming (ICFs) system makes PSSL a snap to achieve. Mike Hanes of Northern Shores Enterprises is a modular home distributor and Quad-Lock Dealer. He began installing Quad-Lock six years ago. He pours a Quad-Lock ICF basement under every modular home he erects. “With modular homes, we needed to find a way of doing basements that was quick, provided quality, and was cost effective. The nature of modu...